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The British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS) Archived News
11/04/30 - Image of The Month for May
The latest image of the month is a relatively sizable part-slice of Limerick, an Irish H5 fall from 1813. Amazing looking for a stone soon to celebrate it's 200th fall-day! This image was kindly provided by Kieron Heard. View the image in the Gallery. If you check the image archive you may also notice that it's 2 years since the "new" BIMS site went live, 25 members images now reside there - thanks to all the members who continue to support the society by providing news, images and articles for the website. Whilst we are considering anniversaries, 2011 is BIMS 7th birthday!
11/04/27 - Newstead Image
Laurence Garvie from the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University has provided an image of some of the meteorwrongs in their collection. The image includes the rarely seen Newstead meteorwrong found in Scotland in 1827. The image can be seen on the Rocks from Space Picture of the day for 26th April, Newstead is second from the left on the bottom row. Thanks to David Entwistle for spotting this.

11/04/19 - BIMS visit to The Open University
Four members of BIMS visited the Open University on Tuesday 5th April 2011. You can read all about the day, and see many photographs, in our latest article here. Many thanks to Dr Richard Greenwood of the OU for making the visit possible. Remember you can read this and all of our other articles via the publications page.
11/04/14 - Rocks In My Head
Mark Crawford has written an excellent article "extolling the wonder of meteorite collecting":

"I recently told a friend how I sometimes stand in my garden at night, gazing up at the moon while holding a piece of it in my hand. She looked at me sideways, probably wondering if I'd been enjoying a different kind of moonshine."

You can read the full text on his Historic Falls site, follow the direct link here.

11/03/31 - New Image of the Month and Member's Updates
April's image of the month is now up, a very nice oriented Gao Guenie individual showing off its flow lines. This image was provided by Angus Self. View the image in the Gallery.

Mark Crawford (of London Meteorites) has just launched his new site Historic Falls detailing his research on various meteorite falls. The site is well worth a look and contains unique content, highly recommended.

Also worth a mention is Mike Simms' article in the latest (February 2011) issue of Meteorite. A very well written piece summarising our knowledge of Lunar meteorites. Well done Mike.

11/03/10 - Image of The Month for March Update
The former image of the month for March has now been replaced with Magura (Iron, IAB-MG) 5.08g, found during 1840 in Slovakia with a total known mass of 150kg. This image (which may look familiar!) was also provided by Kieron Heard. View the image in the Gallery.
11/02/28 - Image of The Month for March
Due to an error this image has been removed, hopefully an image of Rowton will appear as a future image of the month!
11/02/18 - Middlesbrough Meteorite - Going Home
As reported by the BBC here, the Middlesbrough meteorite has temporarily returned to Middlesbrough from the York Museum and will be on display at the Dorman Museum. This is to celebrate the 130th anniversary of it's fall on 14th March and the stone will be on show until 15th March. The single stone is one of the best examples known of orientation and well worth a look if you can make it. Thanks to Kieron Heard for the heads-up.
11/02/16 - Tektite Presentation
BIMS member Aubrey Whymark is giving a presentation on tektites at Rizal Technological University on Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines (Note: at the time of writing the University website appears to be down after being hacked). The presentation will be held in the new building - Astronomy Centre at 9am on Saturday 19th February. Apparently all are welcome. You may already be familiar with Aubrey's website tektites.co.uk.

If you can't make it to the Philippines, maybe you could consider the forthcoming Royal Observatory Greenwich exhibition "Impact: collisions and catastrophes" which begins on 12 March 2011. More details available here. Thanks to Aubrey Whymark and David Entwistle respectively for those news items.

11/01/31 - Image of The Month for February
This months image is Kieron Heard's 1.09g Bovedy partslice. Click here to view the image in the the Gallery or here for the image of the month archive.
11/01/30 - News Updates
Some recent meteorite related news:
  • The Royal Observatory Greenwich are running a five week course: "Meteorites and the Early Solar System" in June 2011. It's GBP50 for the excellent sounding 5 lecture course, details are available from here.
  • Dr Ted Nield (The Geological Society of London) is giving a lecture titled 'The meaning of meteorites - or why we should stop worrying and learn to love the "dreaded thunderstone"'. This is presumably related to his recent book release Incoming!. It takes place on 17th March in Swindon. Details here.
  • The desert fireball network, located in Australia's Nullarbor, and as operated by Imperial College London is to get a digital upgrade. See here for more details.
Thanks to David Entwistle for spotting these.
10/12/31 - Image of The Month for January
Happy New Year to all BIMS members and visitors. The latest image of the month was taken by David Entwistle during his recent visit to the Natural History Museum, London. It's the huge 1400lb (635kg) Campo del Cielo labelled as "Otumpa", donated to the museum in 1826 by Sir Woodbine Parish. Click here to view the image in the the Gallery or here for the image of the month archive.
10/12/11 - UK Fireball 8th December 2010
Many of you will have seen news of the fireball seen from locations all around the UK last Wednesday (the BBC covered it here). Alastair McBeath has posted a detailed analysis of the witness accounts on the Society for Popular Astronomy forum here. Regarding meteorites he concludes "The lack of acoustics and the relatively high end height counted against the possibility of any meteorites having fallen from the event, and increased the difficulty of identifying the more likely fall zone. Any solid objects continuing along the centre line would have splashed-down into the Irish Sea around 20 km offshore of the Barrow coastline of Cumbria". I guess there would be no harm taking a walk around coastal areas in the region if you happen to be there though!

A possible video of the event has also surfaced on youtube:

Thanks to David Entwistle for the news updates.

10/12/01 - Recent News...
A busy month means I'm a bit behind with news, here are two items as I try to get back up to date:
  • ANSMET 2010/2011 - The blog for this years Antarctic search for meteorites is now up here, thanks to David Entwistle for the heads-up.
  • The Geological Society have produced a podcast on meteorite impacts, you can download and listen to it from geolsoc.org.uk. Thanks to Aubrey Whymark for this news item.
10/12/01 - Image of The Month for December
Another month, another great image of the month! This image was provided by Angus Self and shows his 1.8g partslice of NWA 2748 (LL3.4). The name may not ring any bells, but many of you will remember it as Rob Elliott's "chondrule conglomerate". The relatively high NWA number doesn't indicate that this stone was actually discovered in 2002, Rob said at the time "the whole stone is composed of nothing but chondrules!....where did the matrix go?? - and with sparse nickel-iron metal flake. One of the most remarkable features is that many of the chondrules mutally ident each other, suggesting that they were still molten during accretion. Not something you see everyday". Click here to view the the Gallery.
10/10/31 - Image of The Month for November
The image of the month for November has been uploaded. This month it's a 1.1g polished fragment/part-slice of the Glatton (L6) meteorite, a hard to obtain meteorite which fell in Cambridgeshire (England) in 1991. The fall consists of a single stone of 767g, the vast majority of which remains in the Natural History Museum, London. This is Glatton's first appearence as our image of the month. Image courtesy of Kieron Heard. Click here to view the the Gallery.
10/10/27 - Ulster Museum Meteorite Images Added
I'm pleased to announce that the BIMS site now contains images of (almost) every meteorite in the Ulster Museum's collection. These have been provided by Mike Simms, the Museum's Curator of Palaeontology and a member of BIMS. If you look down this page you will see that Mike is speaking to the Flamsteed Astronomy Society soon and he also provided this months members image (the 221g Millbillillie from his personal collection). I'd like to thank Mike for his continued support.

If you want a closer look at the 61g Bovedy pictured here and many other outstanding meteorites, you can view the newly updated page along with all the images here

10/10/26 - To Here from Eternity: The extraordinary story of some ordinary chondrite meteorites
Dr Mike Simms is giving a lecture for the Flamsteed Astronomy Society on 9th November entitled "To Here from Eternity: The extraordinary story of some ordinary chondrite meteorites". For further details click here.

The Museums page has also been updated to include The Royal Observatory Greenwich, Leeds Museum Discovery Centre and Tatton Park, thanks to David Entwistle. I've also added a list of the meteorites in the public display at the NHM, thanks to Kieron Heard.

10/10/25 - Mooresfort Meteorite Paper
Mark Grossman has let us know about his paper "William Higgins at the Dublin Society, 1810-1820: the loss of a professorship and a claim to the atomic theory", which is due for publication in the December 2010 issue of Notes & Records of the Royal Society. In Mark's own words "If you think that the Mooresfort meteorite is historic, wait until you read the article to see just how historic it really is! It led to one of the greatest battles in the history of chemistry, that is, the debate between William Higgins and John Dalton over priority for the atomic theory". The full article can be downloaded for free from the Royal Society here. I've also added a link from our Irish Meteorites page.

10/09/30 - Image of the Month for October
Millbillillie fell during October 1960 over Western Australia. In recognition of it's 50th anniversary Mike Simms has provided us with an image of his great 221g individual showing all the features this eucrite is known for. Check it out in the Gallery.

10/09/26 - The University of Hertfordshire All-Sky Camera
See here for details of the first camera recording details of the entire night sky in the UK. Along with two other cameras currently being set up this will allow astronomers to triangulate the paths of meteors, greatly increasing the chance of meteorites being found. You can also read a discussion on the Society of Popular Astronomy forum here.

I have added three more locations to the Museums page, Haslemere Educational Museum (Surrey), Weston Park Museum (Sheffield) and The Spaceguard Centre (Knighton). Many thanks (as is so often the case) to David Entwistle for both the all-sky camera news and museum information.

10/09/05 - Possible Irish Meteorite Fall and Meteorite Magazine
A potentially meteorite producing fireball was observed in Ireland on Wednesday night, you can read more details in the Evening Herald. If you saw it, please contact us. For the first time that I'm aware of it seems you could even take bets on any meteorites found (Please note that BIMS does not endorse gambling in any way!). It is worth noting that a similar article appeared exactly 12 months ago (see the BBC article here), could it be that the Herald article has been "recycled"?

Also, if you haven't already seen it, the latest issue of Meteorite magazine contains an excellent article on the Wold Cottage Homecoming written by BIMS member Martin Goff. Well done Martin. For anybody keeping count, this is the fourth article published in Meteorite by a BIMS member this year!

10/08/29 - 74th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society - London
The 74th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society is to be held next year in London. The date for your calendars is 8-12th August 2011. For more details see the official site here. Non-members are able to attend and we hope that a few BIMS members will be able to do so. Thanks to Kieron Heard for the news.

The image of the month for September has also been uploaded. This month it's a thin section of NWA 5363 (Brachinite), one of the stones involved in the controversy regarding possible pairings with NWA 5400 the so called "Earth related meteorite". Click here to view the image in the Gallery.

10/08/11 - Meteoric Falls Of The British Isles Book
Many of you will be interested to hear about the publication of "The Authenticated Meteoric Falls Of The British Isles" by James D. Robinson. The book was self financed and published by the author. Having received my copy today I can tell you that it is a truly professional publication. It is just over A5 in size and runs to 148 pages. Covering each of the British and Irish falls in chronological order from Wold Cottage to Leighlinbridge and very extensively researched. I'm confident in saying that this book is the most comprehensive single publication on the fall and recovery of these meteorites.

The book costs GBP5.49, plus GBP2 p&p inside the UK. For those of you in the US, the total including shipping is US$15.60 at the current exchange rate. Those wishing to purchase from other countries should contact the author for shipping costs. You can order via mail, direct from the author at:

James Robinson
Address removed, February 2011

Paypal payment is also possible, please see the BIMS mailing list for those details. Please note that this book is not "officially" affiliated with or endorsed by BIMS, but we are aware that it will be of interest to many of our members. Thanks to Alastair McBeath for initially bringing this book to our attention.

10/08/04 - Museum Updates
The Museum Collections page has been updated. Thanks to David Entwistle for information on the mysterious Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (Essex) meteorite. I've also added an entry for the Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, which I discovered yesterday has a small collection of meteorites on display. This entry includes a few photographs. The Pultusk is worth a look, as is a slice which I believe may be Knyahinya.

Also thanks to David Entwistle I have added a further reference for High Possil to the British and Irish Meteorite - Scotland page. It's a link to an article in The Philosophical Magazine - Volume 18, published in 1804.

10/07/31 - Sussex Man Hit By "Meteorite" Update
An updated version of this story has now appeared on the Telegraph ("Suspected meteorite was concrete lump that fell from passing plane") and Argus ("Mystery of meteorite solved") websites. Both articles mention Dave Harris (BIMS Secretary) and the British and Irish Meteorite Society. Dave has also sent Jan Marszal, one of the finders of the Sussex rock, an unclassified fusion crusted NWA fragment to help make up for any disappointment.

10/07/29 - New Image of the Month for August
Kieron Heard has provided the new image of the month with another famous British fall. This time it's a 1.1g fusion crusted part-slice of Wold Cottage (L6). Wold Cottage is a classic historical fall from December 1795. Click here to see it in the gallery. Nice!

10/07/28 - Sussex Man Hit By "Meteorite"

You may have seen the recent news story regarding the "Sussex man hit by meteorite" on The Argus website and elsewhere.

One of the finders was kind enough to take the rock to BIMS secretary Dave Harris, who obtained the two images you see on the left (click them to see enlargements). As Dave posted to the BIMS mailing list this afternoon "Put your excitement hats away... it is, as you can see, a piece of Portland cement with brick fragments and flint within it".

Disappointingly we do not have a new UK fall yet, but as always, watch this space!

10/07/09 - New Meteorite Blog
Open University research fellow and meteorite curator Richard Greenwood has started a blog containing his "personal take on what's new and exciting in the world of meteorites". Follow this link to read Meteorites - The Blog from the Final Frontier. Thanks to Dr Diane Johnson for pointing this out to us.

10/06/30 - New Image Of The Month

10/06/14 - Wold Cottage Homecoming - Part Three
A few news items further down this page you may remember the story of the Wold Cottage meteorite homecoming. Martin Goff has written an extended article which can be viewed in this months IMCA highlights here. A further article has also appeared on the BBC website here which includes an interview with Dr Caroline Smith of the NHM.

10/06/02 - Image of the Month for June
The Appley Bridge meteorite makes its first appearance as our image of the month courtesy of Kieron Heard. A 1.47g partslice with a great surface area, view it in the Gallery. Remember new submissions for the image of the month are always very welcome, meteorites from anywhere in the world are accepted!

In "other news", the latest issue (May 2010) of Meteorite Magazine contains a print version of our article on The Manchester Museum, including images by myself and David Entwistle.

10/05/20 - Middlesbrough Meteorite Video
Marcin Cimala (of Polandmet) has posted a number of meteorite videos to his Youtube channel, one of which is of a cast of the Middlesbrough meteorite. You may have seen images of this stunning oriented stone previously, but the video will really help you to appreciate it in three dimensions. Click here to see it.

We have also added a section to the Links page for other International meteorite societies. We have traded links with Polskie Towarzystwo Meteorytowe - The Polish Meteorite Society, thanks to Andrzej Pilski. If you know of any other societies intersted in trading links please feel free to contact me.

10/04/30 - May's Image Of The Month and Website Anniversary
It is the first anniversary of the current BIMS website, the official website re-launch was on 1st May 2009. We have come a long way in twelve months, just take a look around the various sections and see the amount of unique content available here. Thanks to all those who have contributed images and articles.

The new image of the month is also uploaded. An enviable 20.5g Gujba partslice courtesy of Mike Simms. Check it out in the Gallery.

10/04/23 - Wold Cottage Homecoming - Part Two
Martin Goff sent me a number of images of the Wold Cottage Meteorite presentation. I've put these together on a dedicated page, along with the text he posted to the Meteorite Central list last night. If you would like to see them, and listen to his radio interview, click here.

10/04/13 - Wold Cottage Homecoming
On Friday (16th April) BIMS member Martin Goff is travelling to the Wold Cottage to present it's current owners, Katrina and Derek Gray, with a piece of the meteorite which fell there in December 1795. The piece going home is a 1.4g fusion crusted partslice which was generously donated by Dave Gheesling after Martin approached him and explained that the cottage did not have a piece on display for guests to see. The "homecoming" is generating some media interest, an article can already be seen in the Yorkshire Post here and more are sure to follow.

Please note that the image shown here is not the piece being donated, but shows another Wold Cottage partslice visible in the Fernlea section of our Gallery.

10/04/16 - An additional article is available here.
10/04/22 - Further details, including images of the donated specimen and presentation, are visible on Dave Gheesling's Falling Rocks site here

10/03/31 - Image of the Month update for April
Kieron Heard has been good enough to submit a couple of images of British falls for the image of the month. This month it's a 2.99g Barwell part slice for view in the Gallery. Remember you can view all the previous images on the month in the Gallery Archive.

Kieron also posted a link to the mailing list detailing the High Possil fall in 1805, I've added this link under High Possil, further reading on the Scottish Meteorites page.

10/03/22 - Ebay Auctions Page
By request I've added a page to the BIMS website which identifies Ebay auctions for British meteorites. The page comes with no guarantee that it will work correctly or that the auctions displayed are authentic! All auctions matching certain search criteria are displayed, these auctions are not endorsed in any way by BIMS. If you would like to use it you can do so here.

10/03/04 - Meteorite Men TV Show in the UK
Quest recently started airing the Meteorite Men TV series on Monday and Tuesday nights. This is the first time it has been shown in the UK. Quest is available on Freeview (channel 38) and Sky (channel 154). The full broadcast schedule is as follows (thanks to Andy for forwarding this information):
  • Episode 1 : 22 Feb 2010 21:00 & 23 Feb 2010 22:00
  • Episode 2 : 01 Mar 2010 21:00 & 02 Mar 2010 22:00
  • Episode 3 : 08 Mar 2010 21:00 & 09 Mar 2010 22:00
  • Episode 4 : 15 Mar 2010 21:00 & 16 Mar 2010 22:00
  • Episode 5 : 22 Mar 2010 21:00 & 23 Mar 2010 22:00
  • Episode 6 : 29 Mar 2010 21:00, 30 Mar 2010 22:00 & 03 Apr 2010 20:00
  • Episode 7 : 05 Apr 2010 21:00, 06 Apr 2010 22:00 & 10 Apr 2010 20:00
10/02/28 - Image of the Month Updated for March & Meteorite Magazine
A new Members Image of the Month has been uploaded for March. This time it's an unmissable 1046g (yes, you saw that right, over one kilogram!) slice of Seymchan pallasite. Check it out right now in the Gallery. Thanks go to Mike Simms for providing the image.

Some of you may already have received the latest issue of Meteorite, "the international quarterly magazine of meteorites and meteorite science". It contains two articles by BIMS members. "The Rob Elliott Meteorite Auction" by Angus Self FBIMS and "Sharing the Enthusiasm" by Matt Smith. It's great to see the profile of BIMS being raised in this way.

10/02/25 - BIMS Manchester Museum Visit
On 18th February 2010, four BIMS members were able to visit the Manchester Museum. We were allowed to view the entire meteorite collection with Mineralogy Curator Dr. David Green. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. I have put together an article, including numerous images, detailing the meteorites we were able to see and some history of the collection. You can view the page in our Publications section, or via the direct link here.
10/02/16 - More Museums Page Updates
Our British and Irish Meteorite Collections page has had several updates, with contributions from David Entwistle, Kieron Heard and George Wake. It now includes 21 museums with meteorite displays open to the public in the UK and Ireland.

Currently the information on many of the collections is very vague, I've listed many as "awaiting further details". If you have the opportunity to visit any of the collections, please could you send me more information of the meteorites displayed. Images would be particularly welcome.

10/01/31 - Members Image of the Month for February
February's image of the month is up in the Gallery. This month it's an excellent and fresh Bassikounou individual, with a roll over lip, provided by Mark Crawford. Bassikounou is an H5 chondrite which produced a shower of stones in Mauritania on 12th October 2006. I'm currently in need of more submissions for the image of the month, please could members send some of your images in!

10/01/19 - Middlesbrough News Item & Museums Update
The Middlesbrough meteorite has made the news this week as it was being scanned by NASA to provide data allowing the next Mars rover to identify potential meteorites. The York Press article here includes an image of this seldom seen, stunningly oriented meteorite.

There have also been a few updates to our recently added museums page, including full details of the Ulster Museum collection courtesy of Mike Simms and some updates from David Entwistle.

09/12/31 - Museums, Articles and Images
Three site updates to welcome the New Year! Firstly Kieron Heard has complied a list of public exhibitions of meteorites which can be viewed here. This page will remain a work in progress for the time being, if you have any additional information or images to add please contact us via the usual methods. If you would like to know of collections in your local area the page is a must-read.

On the main menu to the left of this page you will now see an entry for "Publications". This page includes our Flowlines journal and has been expanded to include links to articles written by our members. There are currently three articles, further submissions are (as always) welcome.

Lastly the Image Of The Month for January 2010 is uploaded, a small Barwell fragment with an interesting inclusion.

09/12/04 - ANSMET 2009-2010
The 2009-2010 Antarctic search for meteorites has begun: "The 2009-10 team arrived in McMurdo yesterday, Dec. 2nd, 2009, at about ~14:00 after a 5 hour flight". You can visit the official ANSMET site, and read the blog here. Today's update is the "Vortex of All Irony" - the ice machine located at McMurdo, the US Antarctic research station!

09/11/29 - Ulster Museum Meteorite Display
An excellent new meteorite display was opened at the Ulster Museum in October. Thanks to Mike Simms, Curator of Palaeontology for providing the image here and one for our December Image of the Month. In addition to the meteorites pictured Mike tells us you can also see "an etched Gibeon, huge Allende, and a half kg slice of Esquel, plus a 113kg Gibeon on open display and, elsewhere in the museum, a 3.45kg Seymchan pallasite slice. Entry to the museum is free.". Definitely worth a visit!
09/11/28 - Meteorite Magazine
BIMS member Aubrey Whymark has had his excellent article "Australasian Tekties: Near and Far" published in the latest issue of Meteorite magazine (November 2009). In the article he aims to explain the formation of the Philippinite and Indochinite tektite morphologies. You can read more of Aubrey's work at his own website Tektites.co.uk.

09/10/30 - Members Website Links Added
Links to members websites have been added to the links page, click here to see them, our members are highly talented and knowledgable! All members are free to contact me and I'll add your site too. The Members Image Of The Month for November is also uploaded, a choice 43.4g Allende from Angus Self, click here to see it. Can I remind all our members that your submissions for the image of the month are always welcome.

09/10/10 - Meteorite Classification Quiz
Dr. Jeff Grossman posted this excellent quiz to the Meteorite Central mailing list earlier this week. It asks you to classify meteorites based on their images in the Encyclopedia Of Meteorites. If you missed it then click here to take the quiz.

09/09/29 - October Image Of The Month Is Up
A new Members Image of The Month is up for October in the Gallery. Thanks this month to Martin Goff who provided a photograph of his amazing 4.7g Wold Cottage crusted part-slice. This is our sixth image of the month, check them all out in the Image of the Month Archive.

09/09/17 - Beddgelert 60th Anniversary
The Beddgelert meteorite, notable for being one of only two recognised meteorites from Wales, fell through the roof of the Prince Llewelyn Hotel 60 years ago on 21st September.

For more information see the article on the BBC news site here or the Daily Post here.

09/09/05 - Fireball Spotted In Ireland
A fireball was seen over Ireland on Wednesday night, you can read a brief article about it here or on the BBC news site here. If you saw it we would like to hear from you, please contact us with your reports.

09/08/30 - September Image Of The Month Is Up
A new Members Image of The Month is up for September in the Gallery. Thanks this month to John C. McConnell who provided this great shot of his Bovedy part-slice. Remember you can see this and previous months images in the Image of the Month Archive.

09/08/21 - Rob Elliott Meteorite Collection Auction Article
I expect you are all aware that Rob Elliott's meteorite collection was auctioned at Lyon and Turnbull (Edinburgh) on Tuesday 18th August 2009. The event attracted a great deal of interest from all over the world. BIMS member Angus Self attended and was good enough to provide an article on the event for the BIMS website. Click here to read the full article and check out the photographs.
09/08/19 - New British and Irish Meteorites Section
A new major section devoted to all the confirmed British and Irish meteorites has been added to the website. Click here to be taken straight there or click 'British and Irish Meteorites' on the main menu to the left.

09/08/04 - New Mars Meteorite Discovery
The Opportunity rover has discovered a new potential meteorite on the surface of Mars. You can see the images and read about it on SpaceFlightNow.com. Image credit: NASA/JPL.

09/08/07: This rock has now been confirmed to be a nickel-iron meteorite. It has been called "Block Island" and is about two feet across. A 3D anaglyph image is available here, remember to check the full resolution image link at the bottom of the page.

09/08/01 - August Image Of The Month Is Up
A new Members Image of The Month is up in the Gallery thanks to Mark Crawford. I've also added a few more educational sites to the Links page.

09/07/07 - Natural History Museum on PSRD
The Planetary Science Research Discoveries site (PSRD) has published an excellent article on the Natural History Museum, London. The article includes images of Barwell (including a basalt clast) and Wold Cottage among others. You can read or download the full article here.

09/07/06 - Ensisheim 2009
The annual Ensisheim Meteorite Show ran from 19th - 21st June this year. Peter Davidson of National Museums Scotland attended and has written an article on the experience for this site and a future issue of Flowlines. You can view the article here.

If any other BIMS members would like to submit an article for the website I'd love to hear from you!

09/07/13 - Peter has provided additional images which have been added to the bottom of this article. Check out some of the rocks from the NMS collection exhibited at Ensisheim, including Mauritius and Strathmore.

09/07/01 - Image of the Month Update and Apollo Anniversary
The July members image of the month is now up in the Gallery. It's a great 1g slice of the lunar meteorite NWA 2200 courtesy of Rob McCafferty. A lunar sample was chosen in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing later this month. Don't forget to check out Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience (he's so gangsta!).

09/06/16 - Meteor Activity
The BBC News website carries details (here) of meteors observed over the English Channel last night. The report is lacking detail, it could have been a single fireball but it is worth noting that the June Lyrid meteor shower peaks on 15/16th June. That said, the meteor shower is never usually so spectacular.

09/06/16 - O. Richard Norton, 1937-2009
Most of you will already be aware that O. Richard Norton passed away on 17th May. O. Richard Norton authored several of the "essential" books on meteorites, indeed he wrote three of the five books I chose for our About Meteorites - Further Reading page, and was a regular contributor to Meteorite magazine. You may wish to read the obituary posted yesterday to the Meteoritical Society.

09/05/31 - Bolide in Scotland
Rob Elliott was kind enough to send a photograph of the smoke trail left behind by a bolide spotted near Glenrothes in Scotland on the morning of Sunday 31st May 2009. Rob spotted it after a flash of light got his attention, he stated "There wasn't a cloud in the sky and virtually no breeze. I wasn't aware of any sonic effects but the single flash of light was distinct enough to make me take notice, even in full sun". It was traveling in a North-Easterly direction, which *may* mean that anything making it close to sea-level would literally have reached the sea.

Click on the image to the left to view a larger version. For comparison you can see the image Mike Farmer acquired of the Carancas smoke trail here. Please note I am not inferring this new smoke trail will be linked to the death of llamas!

Also, thank you to Mark Crawford for providing the June Member Image of the Month, featuring Elbogen, which you can see in the Gallery

09/05/20 - British and Irish Meteorite Map
We have added an interactive map showing all the British and Irish meteorite falls/finds to the BIMS site. You can view it directly here. Please let me know if you find any errors.

09/05/01 - Welcome
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the brand new British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS) website. Be sure to check out the brand new Gallery, the Fernlea section will be of particular interest to many and is only possible since Rob Elliott was kind enough to give us access to, and permission to use, all the images (over 1000 of them) and text from the Fernlea archives. A lot of time has also been spent developing the new About Meteorites section, which we hope you will find useful and informative. Enjoy!

09/04/30 - New Martian Meteorites Resource
Dr. Tony Irving of the University of Washington has produced an excellent and detailed site covering everything you could want to know about Martian meteorites. The site is being hosted by the IMCA and can be viewed directly here. In many ways this is the Martian equivalent of Dr. Randy Korotev's incredibly thorough Lunar meteorite site here. If you haven't visited both sites before then what are you waiting for!

09/04/06 - Fireball Spotted In Ireland
A fireball was spotted over Ireland on Sunday, read about it on the BBC News website. If you saw it we would like to hear from you, please contact us with your reports. Remember 10 years ago another Irish fireball gave us the Leighlinbridge meteorite.

09/04/04 - Happy Birthday BIMS
2009 is BIMS fifth Birthday, congratulations to all involved.

09/04/02 - West, Texas Meteorite Fall (February 2009)
A relative newcomer to our planet - The provisionally named 'West' meteorite from Texas, USA. Click here for Michael Johnson's excellent gallery of images. Update: This meteorite has officially been named "Ash Creek" and classified as an L6, the Meteoritical Bulletin entry is visible here.