Argentine police arrest meteorite thieves

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Argentine police arrest meteorite thieves

Postby David Entwistle » Sun May 31, 2015 8:10 am

As reported by the BBC.

Highway police say they found more than 200 large pieces of meteorites hidden under the seats of a truck which they had stopped in a random check.

Three Argentines and a Paraguayan were arrested.

The province of Chaco is world famous for meteorites, which are protected under Argentine law.

Chaco contains an area known as "Campo del Cielo", or the "Field of Heaven".

It spreads out over an area of 1,300 sq km (500 sq miles) and is littered with meteorites which fell around 4,000 years ago.

There's a report in Spanish and a picture from Norte.


Earlier reports with more pictures here and here.
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