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The British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS)
About Us
The British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS) is a group of over a hundred UK and Irish Meteorite researchers and amateur meteorite collectors. The BIMS was formed in 2004 by meteorite collectors Mark Ford, Dave Harris and a group of like minded fellow collectors. We provide a meteorite collecting and study focus for the UK and Ireland, and are the only meteorite group in the UK and one of only three in the entire world. Present and past members have made many major scientific discoveries, including the find of a rare 17.6 kg Pallasite meteorite, in Hambleton, Yorkshire, in 2005. Bims is privately funded, and does not at present receive any funding from outside sources.

Moore In 2005 The society donated a substantial meteorite collection to the South Downs Planetarium for public display, which was received by Sir Patrick Moore. The aim of the society is to bring together all those involved with meteorites in the UK under one roof, with a view to educating the general public, furthering the interests of meteorite study, and preserving any new or old UK meteorite material for science and for posterity. It is also an ideal place to share our interests and meet other people with a similar passion for space rocks.

Members are distributed over the whole of Britain, so the main form of communication between members is via a Yahoo mailing list. In addition where possible we also give talks, have meetups, put on exhibitions and help with identification of suspected meteorites found by the public.

In the event of a new UK fall BIMS will play a key role in the recovery of material, since the majority of the UK's collectors and dealers are members, thus are ideally placed to assist and work with other organizations to preserve as much material as possible for science.

If you are interested in joining us then please click here for details.

The Mailing List
Since May 2011, the society moved to a web based forum for the majority of discussion. Prior to this a mailing list was used which was part of Yahoo Groups. BIMS members can access the old email archives here.

BIMS members are committed to promoting interest in meteoritics. Members have been involved in the Brighton Science Festival, plus talks and presentations nationwide. Please contact us if you are planning an event you would like us to be involved in. We have well informed members across the country. BIMS Stand

Chairman: Mark Ford
Secretary: Dave Harris
Flow Lines Editor: Ian Barrett
Website: Matt Smith