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Please Note! - Please do not telephone us to identify your rocks! Due to the volume of calls we receive we are unable to reply. Please also note we also do not purchase unsolicited rocks and do not offer valuations. Please use email (subject to the terms below).

If you have found a rock you think may be a meteorite you are welcome to email us a picture providing you supply as much as the following as possible.

  • Does a strong magnet stick to the rock (or attract to it)?
  • If possible, swipe the rock across the back (rough side) of a white kitchen tile, tell us the colour of the streak it leaves (if it leaves one).
  • Include all relevant information on find location, and the circumstances of the find.
  • Please include in focus photo(s), taken in good light, in close up (especially any freshly broken surface) and also an over view shot- (we cannot identify material from blurry photos)
  • If you are reporting a fireball/meteor sighting - please include as a minimum the exact time of the sighting, the Direction and your location.

Please note, we are happy to offer our opinion on rocks (members time permitting) based on the data provided to us, however we accept no responsibility for any errors as we can only go by what we are told.

Please consider doing some research first, Meteorites are very very rare, it is easy to convince yourself you have found one, but please bear in mind there are countless thousands of odd looking non-meteorite rocks out there. There are many local rocks that can look like meteorites (or what people often assume meteorites look like). Some very commonly confused rocks include weathered Pyrite Nodules, Iron Ores, Basalt and Sandstones, fly ash, and industrial slag being the most common in the UK so please be prepared for disappointment, in 10 years we have not had a single new UK find reported to us! Contact the BIMS Chairman, Mark Ford via:

We will get back to you when we can - Thank You.